Player FAQ / Game info

Harry Smith watercolorThis group is aimed at people with:

  • Social challenges – Difficulty making or keeping friendships and other relationships
  • Emotional expression and regulation difficulty – i.e., keeping everything bottled up and/or exploding
  • Some mood disorder – Depression, anxiety, etc.
  • - Other mental health challenges may be appropriate as well -

This group is probably not a good fit for:

  • People with thought disorders
  • People who struggle with delusions, hallucinations, or other difficulties with defining reality
  • People with severe personality disorders
  • People currently struggling with addiction

Info for players about the game:

  • Appropriate for both newcomers and veteran gamers (good for noobs and leets alike).
  • Setting is a multi-verse/”Sliders”-style world: high fantasy, space opera, prehistoric, Gothic horror, cyber punk, etc. are all possible settings and are chosen by the group at session time.
  • System is highly skinable. Characters can easily be a classic wizard or barbarian, or really pretty much anything else - a prehistoric alien, a super-powered barista, a cybernetically-enhanced cetacean, an occult investigator, a space marine, etc.
  • We're using the relatively 'rules lite' Cypher System with some mechanics from other systems (FATE Core and Atomic Robot), to make it more conducive to mental health work. This is generally more role play and not 'min/maxing,' tactical minutia system.

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d20 | Therapy provides mental health support for people in the Hudson Valley

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